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Join pig farmer & owner of the Porkhouse pit Phil Wellard for a day of pork. 

The day starts off at 9:30 with coffee and introductions before getting down to talking about the different cuts and equipment and of course how to do it. You’ll be shown how to process a pig into primal cuts and we’ll touch on salami and sausage making, hams and of course, bacon. You’ll have a chance to get hands on and take some of the produce you’ve made home with you.

We like to keep the classes small so we can get round and help everyone enjoy their experience. Lunch and refreshments will be provided half way through the day before going into the afternoon. 

The day finishes at 5:00 and you’ll get the chance to ask questions and chat with your fellow class mates.

Price £225 per person.


Pig in a day course

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